1. What makes AgSeal Spray Foam different from the rest? We customize our formulas to target the specific needs of our specific markets.


2. What are the benefits of using AgSeal Products? Our products tend to last longer and thus giving you more years of savings. This can vary depending on application.


3. Do we have to use an AgSeal trained dealer in order to get AgSeal Products? Yes, our training and support is extremely important to ensure your investment is applied properly and thus AgSeal can stand behind the application & product!


4. How long should the foam last in my poultry house? Depending on what formula you purchase you should receive 5 to 10 years or more of good service. This will greatly depend on the poultry houses management.


5. Does your product come with any warranty? Yes, AgSeal Products applied by our dealers come with two year application warranty. Optional; 5 year limited product warranty is also available.


6. Why does AgSeal cost more than others at times? Usually because we are being compared to a lesser quality product! You get what you pay for just ask our past customers or read some of the testimonials!


7. Can I purchase cheaper foams from AgSeal? We make different products and can help you find the one you need at the best price possible. However, we will not sell you something that we know will fail just to get the sale. We value your business now and want to serve you and your friends in the future!


8. Is AgSeal a Bio Based product? Yes it is and meets or exceeds the USDA’s standards of Bio Content. Although we at AgSeal refer to our products as AgBased it’s the same just our personal reference term.