About Us

AgSeal LLC is an Arkansas registered LLC established to service the growing need in the Poultry and General Agriculture market for energy saving retrofitting of poultry houses and other types of agriculture structures.

The owners of AgSeal LLC bring to this company over 40 years of experience in the general construction and material distribution to this industry. This coupled with being Certified Applicators of AgSeal sealant/insulation & USDA Bio-Preferred listed. Allows our customers the assurance that the products they purchase will be handled and applied properly with honesty, professionalism and Fairness.

Products Applied and Distributed:

Ag-based AgSeal 2.4 lb 3.4 lb and 10.4 Closed Cell foam sealant/insulation. These products are Bio-based w/ specially formulated tuff skin surface for the poultry, hog & other agriculture applications. With the addition of our patented DBK additive to fight the darkling beetle and its damage issues. These Bio-based Insulation products have been sold and applied in these markets since 2005 with good success. These products are listed on the USDA Bio Preferred listing and are Green Guard approved!


AgSeal LLC offers a two year application warranty and optional 2 year limited warranty on 2.4 lb foam with DBK and a 5 year limited warranty on 3.4 lb foam with DBK products. AgSeal LLC. Cannot guarantee the final performance of these products; such as, but not limited to, energy savings or static pressure improvements due to the possible variance of grower management. AgSeal LLC. Cannot guarantee against Darkling beetle or rodent damage. * We strongly recommend growers stay on a regimented Darkling beetle and rodent control programs.*


Maintains Workmens Comp and General Liability insurance at all times. Applicators: All application supervisors are Certified and trained applicators.