November 17th, 2014

Money, money, money,———-money. A good old song but in the poultry business you don’t want to waste money on energy costs. Did you know that you spend 50, yes 50, bucks a day just heating cold air leaking into your chicken barns. The total bill averages $150.00 per barn per day.


November 21th 2014

Heading for Tennessee for a spray job this week then we got a surprise and a job we weren’t expecting came thru. So its Georgia here we come next week. Bad news is will be working thru Thanksgiving but its worth it. Will post pictures as soon as job complete.

December 22th 2014

AgSeal Poultry Foam will be attending the IPPE show in Atlanta, Georgia , January 27 to 29th 2015 in the Georgia World Congress Center. Please stop by booth # 9121 to see the highest quality sealing and insulation products in the industry. Dealership opportunities available both in USA and international.